Mislabeled Swag - KubeCon 23 Amsterdam

I got a bit of strange feedback regarding the Gitlab booth at KubeCon 22 in Amsterdam last month.

Let me set the scene, my first KubeCon, my first time in Amsterdam, more importantly my first experience of Stroopwafel!

Going to the gitlab booth, I participated and completed the Gitlab coding challenge, and received a sealed tin of Stroopwafels (both labeled as such and noted as much by the gitlab employee).

My wife and I saved this tin for a special occasion, and imagine our immense disappointment when, a month later in Berlin, we crack open the can (whilst salivating Ofcourse!) and discover that instead of some amazing Stroopwafels, we find a can of mints!
Deeply saddening

On a serious note though, mislabeling and misrepresenting products, especially food products could actually be a serious issue. I’m sure it was just one or two that was mistakenly packaged/labeled, however I can imagine this becoming more of an issue when it comes to allergie-prone individuals

Now back to dreaming of those amazing Stroopwafels