Missing environment URL when both branch and MR pipelines are triggered

Problem to solve

I have a branch pipeline that builds, runs unit tests, deploys to a dynamic environment, runs e2e tests, etc.
When I opened a MR, after the pipeline runs, a link to the deployment used to appear on the MR page, inside the section about the pipeline.

Recently, I created a MR pipeline so that, when a MR is created, a job looks for a reference to Trello card in the MR, then links the MR and the card to each other.

Now, when I push commits to a branch, then create a MR from it, both branch and MR pipeline run. They both work fine, but in the end, the only pipeline listed in the MR page is the MR one, which doesn’t deploy anything, and the environment URL (“View app”) button is gone, so our QAs can’t find the deployment. The only place where I can find it is in the environments page, where they are all listed.


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  • GitLab Enterprise Edition 15.11.13-ee