Missing Setting "Protected Environments"


I am trying to manage different environments for one of our projects. I can create environments and track deployments with the correct tags in the corresponding jobs, and I wanted to limit deployment rights to certain users, but I can’t find the “Protected Environments” settings that should be available in “Settings > CI/CD” according to the documentation found here : Protected environments | GitLab

I haven’t found any information detailing why the menu should or shouldn’t be there : is there a configuration I am missing ? Is this because I’m using the Free Plan and it is only available for paid plans ?

Thank you for your time.

Yes, that’s correct. Protected Environments are available in the Premium and Ultimate plans. The product tier badges in the docs chapter headings help identify feature availability.

I missed the chapter heading… This is one thing I won’t miss again!

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Hi @dnsmichi, I am not able to see the settings under CI/CD as well. We are using Gitlab Enterprise Edition 15.3.2. Is the feature available for enterprise version?