Missing user tabs on Admin area in GitLab v17.0

I have updated to v17.0 and now I can’t unblock users on Admin > Overview > Users.
The tabs which exists on v16.x are missing, I can only see active users.
Since we use LDAP, I can insert the user on /admin/users/[name] to unblock the specific username when I know who applied, but I have few members waiting and I don’t know who applied.
I know I can use CLI to unblock, but in not productive since we just start migrating to GitLab, and we will buy a license in the next year.

Found another way, looking on the Dashboard >> Latest Users I can click in each one and unblock them.

Since I think this is a bug, I have filled one:


I voted up your issue and commented. Someone did reply, seems to be intentional. The new way of doing it shows a before/after video on how to find blocked users, or filter for administrators.

You’ll prob have seen that on the issue notifications anyway, but just adding here in case someone searches here on the forum, will be easy to find.

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