Monorepo, multiple app configuration

Hi, I’m new to gitlab and considering to use it for my company’s CI/CD.
We use a monorepo with multiple completely different applications sharing a common code base.
My goal is to be able to trigger a specific application child pipeline for a given branch.
I’m coming from Bamboo and it’s pretty common there (the equivalent would be to have multiple pipeline for a repo and to ‘enable’ a pipeline for a given branch in a repo).

I could not find a way to do that, am I missing something?


You can use rules:

  script: "echo Hello, Rules!"
    - if: '$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH == "MyBranch"'

You will then have multiple jobs, one for branch

Thanks for the answer. It would mean every time I create a new branch for which I want to build a specific application I have to add the branch to the rule? This does not seem super flexible

Ah, sorry, I didn’t catch you wanted to build for multiple branches. Then I suggest using the when keyword, with manual value: in this way builds do not trigger of automatically, and you can trigger the one you are interested in clicking on a button in the gitlab interface

Thanks! I’ll give that a go!