More than one project on the same kubernetes cluster

i tried setting up some test projects on my own gitlab instance, to test auto devops on a bare-metal cluster. The first project worked(after some initial trouble), but trying to setup another project it appears, that the whole thing is not prepared for a use case of running different projects of different groups on the same bare-metal cluster.
At least the pods which tried to install the runner or ingress failed when trying to connect to helm tiller.

Is it really the case, that setting up more than one project on the same cluster is not possible with the auto devops tools, or may this be the result of malconfiguration?
If this is indeed not possible, what would be the preferred way of achieving the set goal of multiple projects/groups on the same cluster?

After some digging i came to the conclusion, that this is indeed not possible and one work-around could be the creation of a group which owns the cluster and then creating subgroups for all projects which should use it.


What solution did you ultimately settle on?

I created a group for the kubernetes cluster.
Before considering this solution, i want to mention that GitLab supports instance wide kubernetes clusters since version 11.11