Move repo from Gitlab v12.10.3 to (v11.10.4 or v12.10.3)


I have a single repo in Gitlab v12.10.3 that I need to move to another Gitlab because the v12.10.3 one is to be decommissioned

I have two options and I know the second option is technically the best option but it will be a delay of some considerable time for me so I’d prefer to do Option 1

Option 1 - Move v12.10.3 repo to existing v11.10.4 Gitlab
Option 2 - Upgrade v11.10.4 Gitlab to v12.10.3 then move repo

I don’t have the option of leaving the repo in the current v12.10.3 Gitlab
I am not a Gitlab/Git expert but I’ve been using the basics for a few years
I am not referring to Gitlab migrate or export/import but simply clone and push …

I’d like to know if the following is an adequate approach for options 1 and 2 in order to get all my data into the other Gitlab environment without harming the target Gitlab

  1. Create new project
  2. Carry out the following
    a. Clone v12.10.3 repo to my desktop
    b. i. git remote rename origin old-origin
    ii.git remote add origin my@newServer/project.git #
    iii. git remote -v
    iv. git push -u origin --all
    v. git push -u origin --tags

I’ll be very grateful for any advice you can provide