Moving from EE to CE

Problem to solve

We are currently running EE whilst we are in the full swing of the development phase. Once the solution is delivered, we are looking at the possibility of changing our licensing model to gitlab CE. We run on prem in a kubernetes cluster. My first question, before i look at the consequences of the drop in functionality, is…is this even possible?

I might have some more questions off the back of this one - thanks in advance to anyone who readss and answers!

The documentation lists how to downgrade from EE to CE: Downgrading from EE to CE | GitLab

Although you can use Gitlab EE for free anyway even without a license. You just don’t have access to the paid functionality.

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Additionally, the registration features might add value to a free tier EE setup, thus allowing a tier upgrade later on when needed again. The migration to/from CE requires data transfer and maintenance which can result in downtime.

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It is very possible, we’ve done exactly that. In my eyes the registration features are far from being worth the price (which will not monetary is far from free, it requires sending data to a company that I wouldn’t trust with our data).