MR filtering by multiple authors

We have monorepo, my team responsible for 3 of 20 packages/folder of repository, but sometimes we need to touch others packages/folders.
For reviewing teammates changes every member should add “team_label” for ability to filter by this label or to keep opened several tabs with merge requests for each author/team member.

Preferable could be filtering MRs something like this by one of the author:

author: username1 OR author:username2 OR author:username3

Is is possible on “Merge Requests” project panel?

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Hi there,

The existing filters is having the ability to add multiple entities in the search. However, the logical operator that’s being used is AND instead of OR

Please find the documentation for more info on filters here

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thank you for answer,
but question is how to filter with OR condition?

I was missing this feature so much that I created a simple ruby script to fetch the MRs using multiple authors