MR page and api show different results (404)

On a self hosted gitlab instance, I have a strange problem and no clue to fix it.

MR are enabled on the projects, the API behaves normally, but the view in the app always returns 404.

My checklist:

  • Project preferences in the app show MR are enabled
  • Project attributes in the API show the same info
  • Calling the API with curl and a Private token is ok
  • Webview shows a 404 error page
  • the developer console displays no error at all, and network monitor simply shows the 404
  • production logs show nothing, just one line about the 404 status but no reason given
  • all the rake tasks I tried give me a valid status, and still no clue

It is the only view that give such outputs, the personal MR pages and group MR pages are looking good.

Does anyone have an idea on what is going wrong?

Even after gitlab update, this strange behavior is still happening, it is really annoying

A few questions, since it is unclear what issue you’re facing here:

  • What are you attempting to do?
  • When you say the API behaves normally, which endpoint are you testing with, and what is the result?
  • When you receive a 404, what does your exact URL path look like?
  • How are you attempting to navigate to the ‘Webview’ page you are talking of? What page do you visit and click on to land on the 404?
  • Could you share some screenshots of what works and what does not?
  • Is this happening only on a specific project, or a specific few projects, or all projects?
  1. I just want to be able to use the MR web page in the app, and cli tools.
  2. I tested with raw curl calls and glab (a cli inspired by github’s hub and gh)
    With both I can do whatever I want: create MR, comment, assign it to me, … I didn’t test the merge action but I am confident it will work also
  3. https://mygitlab/group/project/-/merge_requests and https://mygitlab/group/project/-/merge_requests/1 show 404 pages
    But all the pages showing a list of MR (global, personal, group …) show the correct information
  4. Any of the previsouly cited pages, or simply the “project” page and click on the merge request link in the sidebar
  5. will do
  6. all projects