MS Teams integration: GitLab behind outbound proxy

Hi Folks,

this is my first post. I tried searching for the issue but either found nothing appropriate or took wrong search terms :wink:

The connection from the internet to the Gitlab works just fine:
Internet —> Firewall —> GitLab

The outgoing internet connection is routed via an outbound proxy:
Internet <---- Outgoing Proxy / Firewall <---- Gitlab

I installed and configured the integration for MS Teams.
That works perfectly on a GitLab not connecting through a proxy to the internet.
So MS-Teams site is configured correctly.

On the GitLab connected to the internet via proxy I have timeouts while testing the integration.
There is no blocking rule in the proxy.

When I do the excat same from a Shell using curl, the connection works like a charm.
The systems ENV-variables http_proxy, HTTP_PROXY, https_proxy, HTTPS_PROXY, no_proxy and NO_PROXY are set correctly.

So here is my question:
Is there any place I need to configure the proxy otherwise than the ENV-variables to make the integrations from GitLab to the internet work ?
Or should the GitLab respect the said ENV variables ?

Any hint on where to find the logs for the MS Teams ingetration will also be appreciated. :slight_smile:

If any more info is needed, please let me know.



Hi. I have the same issue. I found documentation on setting the Rails proxy environment variables:Setting custom environment variables | GitLab

But it does not seem to be respected by the Teams integration.

Have you found any solution?