Multi-homed Gitlab site

Hi there,
I have a setup where Gitlab needs to be accessible from the Internet as well as from the local network.
Those two IPs and DNS names are different. For both I have the certificates (from godaddy) necessary.

The local network access can be accessed by users directly -
From the Internet, the call goes to
which goes to a web application firewall (which terminates the SSL traffic) and further goes to
The external_url setting in gitlab.rb is set to ‘’ which causes the correct
SSL certificates to load and all is good.
All this used to work without a hitch. After upgrading to 12.10.3-ee, the login and browsing in the repositories still works, but for whatever reason, the assets now use a full path which now looks like this:
Since the Internet does not know anything about, the call goes nowhere.
So the files cannot be edited online or looked at.
Any idea on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, Peter

Ok - I figured out a way to do it.
I am using now

external_url ‘
nginx[‘ssl_certificate’] = “/etc/gitlab/ssl/”
nginx[‘ssl_certificate_key’] = “/etc/gitlab/ssl/”

This setup works for me now externally and internally.

  • Cheers, Peter
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