Multi repo cd

We have a group with 2 projects
front - Angular
back - Java EE

For each project we have CI pipeline which builds it and deploys to the dev server.

We need to enable Product Owner to promote latest successfully deployed system (front and back) to test server, preferably this action should be as stupid simple as possible, for instance press one button.
What is the recommended way of doing that with GitLab CI/CD features?

Hi @vanuatoo

There may be other ways of doing this, but I would suggest making your deploy job a manual job, and then using trigger to start the related deploy job in the other repo.

So what you suggest is to have another project in which I have a pipeline file which orchestrates promotion by triggering manual jobs in back and front?

Oh no, sorry! I would have the manual job in (say) the front end repo, and have it trigger the job in the backend, or the other way around. I don’t think there’s any need to create a new repo.