Multiple GitLab objects with the same ID?


I’ve been working on an API program for GitLab for two weeks now. From what I’ve seen, every object queried from the API had an “id” field which I believed was unique. Until now. I’ve just run into issues having what is for me “weird” ids.

From the beginning, it seemed there was some predefined number ranges for each type of item : groups under 100, projects under 1000, and issues all above 1000. Yet I discover issues with ids like 180, 56 or 6 in a group. A group which id is 56 … As I’ve assumed each object had a unique ID, it’s messing really hard with my program which is now confused and can’t identify correctly GitLab objects.

Is it normal ? I mean, this group really looks strange compared to the others, could it be a bug that hit at the creation of the group ?

Thank you for any support or help :slight_smile: