Multiple Pages on same custom domain

I have a personal gitlab page ( and a project page ( I have set up a custom domain with SSL (, which works for browsing the main page. But:

  • When I try to access the project page on the custom domain, I get a 404 not found.
  • When I try to register the custom domain in the project pages settings, I get a “domain already taken” error.

Essentially, I want:

But how?

Thanks in advance.

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Any replies for this? I am in the same boat.

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I’ve been putting off doing this exact thing for the reasons stated above. Currently points to I’d love to add, e.g.,, etc. If it is at all of import relative to what I would like to accomplish, I should note that I’m HSTS preloaded into Google’s, Mozilla’s, Apple’s, & micro$oft’s supporting browsers.

Do you have access to your registrar/DNS settings?
If so, you can usually set-up a “Redirect” or “301 Redirect”.

If you have some control over your custom domain you should be able to get same end result. The method you’ll use to set-up this redirect will depend on the registrar you use. If you google “301 redirect {domain_registrar_name}” you should find plenty of instructional guides.

You might also find some helpful information here:

Let me know how it goes either way! :slight_smile:

All the best,
Greg M

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The 301 redirect is used to force all http traffic to https. I may have been a bit confusing in wording my question. The static html for is hosted here, originally using the standard structure for GitLab Pages; I will certainly check out the link you’ve kindly posted. I’m assuming I can simply use (x)number of html files which will load if that particular part of the site is clicked. I’m glad I saw this because although I really don’t wish to mess with the hardening I’ve applied to the site in question, I’ll be doing a bit of experimentation using another domain, though I’m unsure if GitLab Pages will function with a TLD outside the standard ecosphere of ICANN using an OpenNic server.

Peace. :peace_symbol: