My account has been blocked

This worked for me, thanks. Scarred the ** out when i saw this morning that my account was blocked.

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I can’t imagine! :scream: It would have scared the ** outta me too!

Thanks for letting up know this worked for you, @ebonenberg! And welcome to our forum!

Hey @Linds,

thank you for your timely response.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid the solution you proposed doesn’t work for me.
I still have the same issue, that upon visiting the link (provided by the email with the subject “Confirmation instructions”) i receive the following error message:


hope to hear from you soon,


@strangemilk I had someone check up on this for you! It appears that you are verified, and that you haven’t logged in in a long time. The last confirmation was years ago so you might not have even been affected by the issue others are describing above.

Is it possible you are not using the proper email address?

Let me know if these hints help you! If not, we’ll get you connected with the Support experts asap!

Hello, I am in the same situation, I do not even receive the confirmation email.
What am I suppose to do ?

Hi @manzerbredes! Please confirm whether or not you were able to follow the suggestions linked here:


yes I confirm that I tried this but I do not receive any emails
from gitlab so can’t confirm my address.


Darn, @manzerbredes - unfortunately, you will need to reach out to our Support team. Shoot them an email Let me know when you get sorted! :blush: