My AD domain was changed and cannot use previous AD account

i used gitlab with ActiveDirectory( but I changed my AD main domain(

so i have to use for login gitlab.

is this any way to link each account for retaining history likes commit or joined project?

thanks. :frowning:

Never attempted that, but try this:

  1. (For yourself only, if you are kerberized, provided you can logon to your old account) in your account (/profile/account), under Social, Kerberos-spnego, click Connect.
  2. (For a few users, as admin, by hand) Under /admin/users/USERNAME_HERE/identities, update or add ldap and Kerberos identities. The Kerberos id must match the uPN AD field from the new AD, and is case-sensitive. Sysinternals AD Explorer is your friend.
  3. (For a larger org, mass-update) Craft a PSQL query to update the info in (2). I do not remember where these are in the DB, but you’ll find them. Restart gitlab after this update. But backup the DB first please, so I can sleep sound at night :slight_smile: