My remote work training book and videos

I have been in the software industry since the 90s and worked remotely, in some fashion, for most of my career. I most recently worked as a Director for Salesforce and left the company in 2019.

Salesforce is very HQ centric and wanted leadership in the San Francisco office. I was not looking to move and we departed ways. A short while afterwards, Covid hit and companies were forced to try to figure out remote work. Some more successfully than others. :slight_smile:

Even though Salesforce was not remote friendly, I started to see momentum around remote work and believed that it would become more mainstream in 2020. Well, I was right but nobody could have guessed the catalyst!

I researched the cultures of great remote work cultures and combined that knowledge with my real world experience managing remote teams in environments that were not always remote friendly. In my course, I explain how the definition of “remote work” differs for each person and company. However, companies with the best “remote first” cultures share certain beliefs and workflows.

Here are links to some of my remote work training resources:

Kindle book: “Making Remote Work, Work For You”
Video course: Remote Work Master Class Use this link to get the Head of Remote forum discount. You will also get a free copy of the Kindle book mentioned above. Total price: $4.99.

Thank you for allowing me to share my work with the community.