MySQL multiple databases

I want to test a PHP application that uses 2 databases. By following I’ve got the most part working.

In the yml file it is possible to specify the MySQL service with a database:

How can I add a second database?

If both databases are in the same MySQL container, it is possible to connect only to one database and send selects to both, like SELECT * FROM database1.table1 AND SELECT * FROM database2.table2. I know it’s not an ideal solution, but may be a workaround.

By the way, can you connect to MySQL from Gitlab-CI and PHP? I’m always getting a Connection refused error, as I posted here.

This doesn’t really answer the question. I am trying to achieve the same thing with postgresql :

If you’re using Docker and have Gitlab >= 9.4, you can use service aliases as shown in the new docs section. As @kopax commented in stackoverflow, looks like a corrected bug.

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