Need API which will provide me details of project memeber with access level

I have created one project under one group and added 2 memebers under it.
I am trying to get project members list with their access level using below API, but getting only one user.

Can you please help me to get all memebrs of project?
Is there any other API which will help?

Can you share a screenshot from project > Manage > Members to see how these users are added to the project? My guess is that one of the members is inherited from the group, which is not shown when queried the projects endpoint, see the note in Group and project members API | GitLab To include inherited members, a different endpoint is required, adding /all at the end of the URL request endpoint.

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Above is snapshot memeber of project
In this above API is returning only Hari user.
And I tried to append all at the end of API like below but getting error like “error”: “user_id is invalid”:

Can you please help me with same @dnsmichi