Need better way to correct erroneous parameter entry when restarting a pipeline

My gitlab-ci.yml file defines several parameters, some with defaults, but many without. When I start a run manually, the only way I know how to override these parameters is to type or paste the parameter names and values into the Web interface. This is a very time consuming and error prone process.

If, after the run begins, I discover that I made a mistake and I have to stop the job, I can only see 2 options: Restart the job with a single click (which keeps the same values for the parameters originally entered) or start the process of reentering all of those parameters again.

It would really be nice to have an interim interface on restart that repopulates all of the values I already entered so that I can just go in and change the one or two erroneous values before finalizing the restart trigger.

Does anyone know a better way?