Need help friends!

if somebody got banned using scraper, even it’s free license, is there owner of repo can responsible for that ?

The biggest question I have is what you are trying to achieve? Are you trying to bypass the forking option of projects to download work that is potentially copyrighted and pass it off as your own?

The fact you ask the above question about scraping makes me question your motives. Especially since Gitlab, like Github and others gives you the ability to fork projects. Which in this case, why do you need to scrape in the first place?

someone is blackmail to report about my scraper repo, even it’s unlicensed repo
i am the owner of my scraper repo
license - unlicense license

i am really scared about loss my all repos due to the person who’s blackmail me

We are not lawyers, so cannot tell you about the legality, especially since you also didn’t provide any links to this scraper repo. But the question is why are they wanting to blackmail you and report your scraper repo? For what reason? You do not tell us the complete story.

actually who’s my supporters from buymecoffee he is the one blackmail me.
he lost a instagram account due to use my instagram-scraper-it repo.
even scold a bad words too me also, later i refund the amount to him

Well this forum is for Gitlab. Your repo is on Github, so maybe you should talk to Github support. You do know that Gitlab and Github are different products? This forum has nothing to do with Github.

may i ask you something my friend ?

it’s free license
how author can reponsible for that ?

I’m not a lawyer, so you should really be talking to legal experts.

You wrote code, and you made project for it, as open-source or whatever. You have a disclaimer so in theory you are not responsible for any abuse made by others. If you use it and abuse a service, then you are responsible. But like I said, I am not a lawyer, so I think you should seek professional legal help about it if you are worried.

Also you should be aware that Instagram forbids scraping. Also you need permissions from author/owner if the content being scraped is copyrighted. More is explained here: Is web scraping legal? | Apify Blog

Like I said, you are asking things a lawyer needs to answer. Nobody here can help you with that.

thank you your information about web scraping iwalker :slight_smile:

sorry, due to confusion , i came this site for a help…
i am sorry for that

Thank you, @iwalker, for providing suggestions. Since we do not provide legal advice and the project in question isn’t hosted on GitLab, I’m closing this.