Need help in organizing my new repo and further questions

Hi all, I’m new to source code management and so I’ve some questions to not start in a wrong way.

It is a Microsoft Access ‘project’, consisting of the following parts:

  • A ‘frontend’: Contains files of a frontend (the UI).
  • A ‘library’: Contains files of a library, which is referenced by the frontend.
  • A ‘database’: Contains files of a sql database (structure and configuration data).

All those files are exported by me from Access objects to folders, so we won’t explicitely have to think of typically binary blobs, but separate files for each form, report, module.
The sql files are scripted from the sql server.

All together are one product.

But I want to be able to maintain/develop them somehow ‘separated’ because of enhancements/bugfixes, which could belong to frontend, library or database only.
So I would like to have different version numbers for those three parts each.

In a second step I also want to use an issue system, connected to the GIT repo and connect issues/suggestions etc. to it.

So my questions (as far as I can see now) are:

  1. How should I ‘structure’ the GIT repository?
  2. Will I need more then one repo?
  3. How will I maintaint those version numbers in GIT?
  4. Can I patch those version numbers somehow into files of the folders?
  5. Can I use increasing buildnumbers to somehow be able to create versions like for example

Thanks in advance to all