Need help to understand concept and implementation

Hi all,

I have been using puppet and gitlab since some months. Today, I need to roll out a new implementation.
What I have :

  • 1 Puppet master (works)
  • 3 Puppet nodes (works and getting configuration from the master).
  • 1 Git server used within my company with gitlab interface : it works.

What I want to do is to use gitlab to manage the puppet configuration to get an overview about the history changes, the file owners … the different commit. I know it is possible, I have used it in my last company in such way.

Currently, I am facing an issue with the concept. My /etc/puppet from my puppet master should be my git master branch or my remote.

Also I have followed the instructions from the gitlab and i can see the files from the branch (puppet master). Means I can see the files from /etc/puppet.

The issue is when I do a modification via gitlab : the commit is not automatically commited into the puppet master branch.

I need that.

If you could help me please with your experience.

Cheers !