Need help!

How to solve this problem?

During the build you tag with drgou-goods-$CI_COMMIT_SHA:v$CI_JOB_ID but while tagging in the failing docker tag command you leave out the tag. I’m not sure but I thing you also need to add the tag there so:

docker tag drgou-goods-$CI_COMMIT_SHA:v$CI_JOB_ID registry[…]/drgou-goods:vCI_JOB_ID

Also, for the future, please create a more descriptive title of your post. “Need help!” is too general (it doesn’t describe the issue you’re facing). This is a forum where (almost) everyone seeks help :wink:

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I’m very sorry, I almost forgot about it, but my problem is still unsolved."Error response from daemon: no such id: XXXX ", but I use ‘docker images’ command to check it, it exists, why does gitlab-runner tell it that it can’t find the image id: XXXX?After that, I placed the commands ‘echo $CI_COMMIT_SHA’ and ‘echo $CI_JOB_ID’ before the error,it got the correct values for the two variables.Please help me solve why gitlab-runner can’t get its own tagged image ID.Thanks!

Did you try adding the tag in the command like I mentioned in my previous post? I can’t see that you did from what you posted.