Need information on gitlab url ownership related to legal false charges that repository been transferred to other gitlab id

Dear Gitlab Users / Admin,

I was associated with a company called KSG where I worked in managing projects in gitlab. The KSG owner created a gitlab workspace and project using its own account userid ( and shared a gitlab url ( of the project to upload source code. Accordingly project team uploaded developed softwares in that url. Now while I am not associated with the company now and for some reason they are not finding the above gitlab url (might be deleted by somebody). They are now putting allegation on me that this gitlab url ( is not owned by KSG rather they are alleging that this gitlab url is owned by me or project been transferred to my gitlab url. So I need your help and confirmation that the gitlab url was created and owned by gitlab userid & my gitlab id never transferred the project to my gitlab url to prove my innocence.

Please help me on this as early as possible, as they have sent me legal notice with such false allegation. I need your reply which gitlab id owned the gitlab url “” and whether it was deleted or not, if so which gitlab id deleted it and when.

Need your assistance on this as early as possible to prove myself innocent. Hope gitlab or somebody in gitlab will help me with proper guidance for getting answer on this.

Thanks & regards,

Hi @kauschak5

we can’t help you as this is only a community forum, where most users are only GitLab users like you. You can try to reach out to GitLab support at

Thanks for the response @balonik. I know its a common support for users like me and in fact I raised a ticket to gitlab support as well on this, but there is still no response from gitlab support yet and rather got a gitlab bot reply which says I have opened ticket on paid support channel and I am a free user. Below I pasted the bot response. So I am not sure where to knock in Gitlab to get help on this issue, thats why I pasted the issue in community.

If anybody can help me which exact place I should log such kind of issue so that I can get help even being a free user on such legal related matters, I would be really obliged to.

Thanks & regards,

Below is the response from gitlab bot -

" Hello,

You have opened this ticket through our paid support channel and we were unable to automatically determine whether you have a license to a self-managed GitLab installation or a subscription to If you do not have a subscription, or you are on a trial, be aware that support is not included.

Please note we may only be able to provide assistance on matters related to a broken state of a project or group where it would require admin level privileges to rectify the issue. For all other matters, we have listed some commons places you might go:

For all other inquiries, we advise searching for and posting your question in our community forum.

If you believe your ticket is a matter that does requires support to intervene on, please reply to this automated response.’

Your case definitely sounds like something that does require support, so you should (if you haven’t already) reply to that automated response as it says in the last paragraph. And then you just have to wait.

Thanks grove for pointing it out. I might have skipped that last line. Let me try.