New deployments are overwriting last successful deployment in the Environments UI page

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In GitLab CICD what constitutes a unique deployment?

When I run a deployment job in CICD pipeline the last deployment entry under the environment in the UI is overwritten by the new deployment.

The CICD pipeline is triggered by creating a new tag on the master branch, the tag is created on a commit that is newer than the commit of the previous deployment.

What I expected to see is that the last deployment and the latest deployment both appear under the environment in the UI.

What I see is that the last deployment is updated with the latest deployment details i.e. tag name and commit hash. Only one entry exists under the environment.

No error messages.

Hoste GitLab Enterprise Edition 15.3.1-ee
Runner 15.1.0 (Windows)

I originally thought this was due to creating new tags on master to trigger the job but with the same commit hash as the previous deployment. So I pushed a new commit to master before creating a new tag, but the behaviour is the same.

I am assuming that GitLab has specific rules about what constitutes a unique deployment. Unique trigger TAG and commit hash don’t seem to be enough.

For anyone else who might find this post.

The issue was my misunderstanding of the Environment UI.

For each environment the name appears with an β€˜>’ character to the left e.g.


Clicking on the β€˜>’ character shows the latest deployments both completed and in-progress

Clicking in the environment name displays the full history of deployments to that environment.

Closing this this post.