New Geo node API endpoint 404

Hello, I’m trying to add a new Geo node using the API. I can use the API successfully (e.g. curl -H “PRIVATE-TOKEN: xxxxxxx” returns the following string “{“version”:“12.6.2-ee”,“revision”:“cf39803b81f”}”).

However, when i try a POST to the geo_nodes endpoint on the primary node like in the docs i get a 404 (e.g. curl -H “PRIVATE-TOKEN: xxxxxxx” --request POST --data ‘{“name”:“xyz”,“url”:“xyz”,“sync_object_storage”:“true”}’ returns the following string “{“error”:“404 Not Found”}”).

Oddly enough the endpoint is there, if a do a GET on it, I get back my current geo configuration (e.g. curl -H “PRIVATE-TOKEN: xxxxxxx” --request GET returns a json string representing my current geo configuration)

Expected behavior: A new secondary node is created and it’s parameters are returned as a result of the POST request.

Actual behavior: A 404 error is returned.

What I tried: Lots of variations of the request, can’t think of anything else