New Gitlab Product Subscription Model


Thanks for sharing all the specifics!

I’d be happy to invite you for a in-depth pricing discussion in the near future. If you are open to it, please feel free to send me a note ( with your contact.


Dear Gitlab Team,

Is there a complete list of features in each new tier? We’ve already identified features we’ve lost that are not mentioned on the subscription comparison page you have linked to throughout this forum, for example description templates (formerly “issue templates”).

If there isn’t a full list available, can you please tell me which of the new tiers now include description templates? Where the feature used to be located the app instead offers us a CTA to sign up for an “Ultimate” trial, but it isn’t at all clear whether this is because “Ultimate” is required for the feature or it it’s just linking to the general free trial page by default.

As an aside, I must point out as someone in a customer-facing role in the B2B SaaS space: this rollout has been done in a very customer-antagonistic manner. I completely understand that sometimes feature sets and pricing need to change, and some customers will be unhappy about it. But it’s just a huge unforced error to leave your customers to discover on their own when existing workflows have stopped working which features they’ve lost on the morning of the rollout, as opposed to communicating the impending changes (1) clearly, (2) repeatedly, and (3) well in advance of execution. The approach we’re seeing here takes a customer who might otherwise have been mildly impacted by a price increase but no business interruption, and turns them into a customer who has been significantly impacted by a sudden interruption to their critical business processes.




description templates are available in all tiers. You can use them for issues, merge requests and epics. We’ve added an example for combining description templates with quick actions in this blog post recently: 10 tips to make you a productive GitLab user | GitLab

A list of all GitLab features is available at Features | GitLab

Kind regards,

Hi Michael,

Thanks for responding. I see they’re back as of this morning - not sure if that was a bug or what, but I appreciate you getting back.


Hi GitLab Team,

We are a small development firm and we’ve been using GitLab for just under a year now which has been great especially with members of our team working remotely now.

We’ve only started to scratch the surface of GitLab’s capabilities and due to the pricing structure changes, we will need to look at other providers moving forward. The free plan would more than likely cover all our needs but we can’t in good conscience use this service as there isn’t any official support available. This may seem like a trivial matter but as a small team, we like to have a few safety nets just in case something does go wrong.

Moving to the premium subscription will dramatically increase our monthly costs. As we don’t use many of the “premium” features this is no longer competitive for our needs. We will need to look at moving our business elsewhere.

If there was a plan available focused on the needs of smaller businesses both price and features we’d love to continue using GitLab.

I feel this change is too business-oriented and totally forgot the individual developers.

Previously, the $4/m plan is perfect for a person to write his code. There are features like pulling and ElasticSearch integration available for the Starter - a productivity boost for personal dev.

The old Premium plan contains every “Jira”/project management feature. So that created a rather clear boundary: if you are an individual developer, go Starter; if you are a team, go Premium.

With Starter plan retired, all Starter feature goes to Premium but nothing Free is forcing individual developers to go Premium, which all those “Jira” feature is useless for them. Imagine, if one paid $4/m just to be able to use ElasticSearch so that he can search all his codes/documents, now you ask for $19 for him to do that!

I think GitLab should consider a $4/m plan but limited to single-user instances, or consider backporting some Starter feature back to Free.