New install gitlab ce can't set new password on first access. Page just spins forever

I’ve just installed Gitlab CE Omnibus on Ubuntu 18.
When I connect via the web, it launches the “Please create a password for your new account” page. I enter a new password into both boxes and click “Change your password”, and it hangs.
The change your password button goes from blue to grey, and the gitlab icon top center animates, but nothing else happens.I’ve left it for several minutes.
I completely removed and reinstalled. I’ve googled this and not found any relevant info…

Nothing on the install troubleshooting page matches either.

I also found instructions to set the root password via the ruby console. No luck.

Any tips?

Hi @gordwait and welcome to the GitLab community forum!

In my personal experience I’ve encountered this same behavior when the instance did not have enough RAM/swap available.

Can you review the hardware requirements, paying particular attention to memory requirements, and confirm that you have the required system resources available?

You can find total and available RAM/swap with: free -mh

If you can confirm that you have enough RAM/swap, I suggest running sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure on the instance as this can automatically fix a number of installation-related issues.
If this doesn’t help, a good next step would be to run sudo gitlab-ctl tail > tail.log on the instance, reproduce the problem, and review the tail.log file for any relevant error or warning messages.

Lots of ram free:
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 15G 2.7G 8.3G 134M 4.6G 12G
Swap: 975M 0B 975M

Not so much swap, but there’s lots of ram so it’s not starving for it. I’ll likely add swap anyhow.

It’s a core I5 3 GHz i5-2310, not top of the line but no Raspberry Pi either…

I’ll try the reconfigure step, thanks!

Reconfigure did the trick! Thank you! I was literally about to give up and go install bugzilla with git standalone…

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