New member invitations automatically declined

I’m trying to invite new members to collaborate on my project, and for some of them, all belonging to a specific email domain (a client company of ours), I automatically (~30 seconds post invite) get an email titled “Invitation declined”, stating in the body:
‘’’ has declined your invitation to join the Itai Bar Sinai / Mona python client project.

Inviting users from other domains work fine.
Any ideas?


I’m experiencing the same thing. Apparently the invites are going to the intended recipients, and they are still able to join the group, but it’s very annoying. I look at the member lists and see members with invitations sent until I get the notification that their invite was declined, then they are removed from the list. Makes it difficult to manage members.

I am running into this same issue. I have tracked it down to my company using a link scanning service on all incoming emails. So when it follows the “Decline” link gitlab does not require a confirmation and the invite auto declines anytime an invite email is sent out. I will be opening an issue for this.

Here is the issue i submitted about this