New sidebar 11/2023 - Feedback

The new sidebar looks nice, but it’s has a huge down-side for me as Project-Owner.
I don’t have any easy way to see n ow ALL issues of the whole project.
If I do click issues in the header of the sidebar, or in the menu of the sidebar, I have a pre-selection for my issues. (assignee=)

I heavily dislike that, and need a way to change the defaults here!
I like to have an oneclick way to open the issues of the whole project, as it was before. How can I archive this?

Are there any settings for that?

I found a way to see the project-list.
Not as intuitive as it was before, but work for me:

You need first select “Projects” and then your Project you like to see.
Then the Sidebar has a short title “Your Project” instead of “Your work”. In this Sidebar you are able to select “issues” which show all issues in the whole project.