New to GitLab - Help integrating AngularJS into web page app

Hello everyone, pretty new to GitLab so I really do apologize if this appears to be a really “noobie” question. Additionally, I apologize if this is not the correct place to ask this.

I am trying to build a wep page application using HTML, CSS, and AngularJS. This web page application needs to have a table grid ui where some JSON data will eventually be parsed into (that comes way later, don’t need help with that at the moment).

I am able to link AngularJS into my index linking the framework using the below:

<script src=""></script>

I noticed that when completing the app to start building my table, I noticed that nothing was importing over to the website that I have hosted using GitLab pages. I tested this with basic “hello world” testing and noticed that using angular didn’t even transmit that.

My questions is this - Do I have to create a dedicated AngularJS pipeline that installs and completes ng commands? How can I ensure NodeJS is also in our project as AngularJS has a dependency on that as well?

Again, this questions seems pretty “noobie” so I really appreciate any help on this. I really have tried looking online for documentation and tutorials, but come up empty handed.