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Greetings. I am the Senior Web Developer at Massasoit Community College.Our school has Community Edition 13.1.4 account. I am new to GitLab and need to learn fairly quickly.
We just had a designer re-do our website. He used BitBucket and Sourcetree. I would like to use our account instead. Someone in ITS copied a repository of his into our project.
Questions: For version control and push/pull, do I need any other software? How do I connect between two servers and my local machine?
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to pull and push files, you can use Web IDE available in GitLab but to develop, it’s better to install something on your local machine. Your code is now in your GitLab instance ?


Hello Jean-Philippe,

Thank you for getting back to me. Had some ‘fire drills’ the last couple of days that needed attention.

I started from scratch with my own download and account. I have created a repository and added a couple of files. That’s as far as I’ve gone so far.

My immediate question is can I pull our web files from our development server to my machine? And back? And, if so, how?

And, I have code development software.




Just to be sure, when you said that, you means that you create a GitLab repository and you push some files ?

From your machine (which OS?), you need install Git (visit this link Git) and after you can just make a

git pull

I don’t know if i answer correctly at your question :slight_smile:

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Welcome @threeFeathers! Thanks for posting your questions here. And thanks to @JeanPhi.Baconnais for helping.

I just discovered this resource from one our education program members that helped me get set up! You may find it useful as well.


Hello Christina,
Thank you for the reference, but, once it went into the Atom interface, I couldn’t follow it through.

Thank you again,

Hi Christina,

Thanks for the link, but once it went into the Atom interface, I couldn’t follow from there.

Thanks again,


@threeFeathers Let us know if you have a specific question. This tutorial might help as well.

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I have managed to create branches and clone a repository and move files. How would I connect to a remote web server’s files?