New users get a failed pipeline "due to user not being verified"


We added a new user in our Gitlab project last week and every pipeline that he is trying to run is failing.

The error message that we get is: “The pipeline failed due to user not being verified”

Online it says that this issue was fixed in June or July, but apparently it is still there.

Looking forward for your help!

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Every new user needs to add credit card in other to be verified and use GitLab SaaS shared runners.

If you are using self-hosted runners, GitLab SaaS shared runners must be disabled for the project.

Does that mean that each of our employees that are joining the project need to enter a credit card in their profile?


Our project is registered as a FOSS project on Gitlab and we also get this issue (ase / ase · GitLab).

We have quite many contributors often from different universities - not a small team where you can easily teach everyone all the rules on an individual basis. What should I say or do when a user encounters this problem? Example: update, e0 when using antonschmidt (!2496) · Merge requests · ase / ase · GitLab . The error message doesn’t point the user (or myself) in the direction of solving the problem.

It would be nice if I (maintainer) could manually run the pipeline after reviewing the code – after all it will presumably run once I click ‘merge’, but the idea of the CI setup is of course that the tests would run before doing so.

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I’m getting the same issue for our team using in the free account. Works for me but not the new user. Is there a workaround?

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