Newbie to AutoDevOps and been fighting for 3 straight days

Okay I am using the Auto Dev Ops configruation. For two days I have been fighting various issues…

The Application is a Spring Boot JAVA 14 application, which took about 2 hours to resolve.
Once I got it building, and starting to get it to deploy to my Kubernetes cluster I had the dreaded “Server does not support SSL exception when my app started up” Now I have that resolved, I am now facing how to setup the Rediness and liveliness PATHS. as the app starts, and runs for a while, then it is shutdown. Does someone have a working Spring Boot JAVA application I can look at your repository and see how you have the AUTO DEV OPS setup in?


Feel your pain. Im not even able to open issue regarding this because of unrevieable contribution guidelines… seriously thats freaking idiotic…