NextJS project on Gitlab Pages gets 503 on some (not every) pages?

Hello everyone,

I recently updated my personal website (using Gitlab Pages from using a NextJS SSG project, that you can see here.

As I’m close to complete the job (everything works fine), I checked my SEO on GT Metrix and Twitter Card Validator… with an unpleasant surprise (!): for some pages (but not every page), GT Metrix tells me he get 503 error, and for the same pages Twitter validator shows me a link to Gitlab signin page (apparently redirected).

Here are the pages with errors:

I insist that the site works fine when browsing, and as I was checking for possible NextJS coding issues, I was not able to find anything (routing and configuration seem to have been done correctly).

I tried to clear runners cache, delete my page before rebuilding, … But nothing works :cry:

So I come here, as maybe I failed on some repo configuration, or something else… Couldn’t say. Is there any way to get some logs or something, maybe? Any help would be great, so thank you all in advance!

After new investigation (downgrading from NextJS 9.5 to 9.4, …) it seems finally that the trailingSlash: true option (on next.config.js) solved my problem… But I don’t know exactly why (related to dynamic routes maybe?), and I’ll be happy to discuss with the community, even if it is not directly related to Gitlab itself.

Finally if this trailing slash fix is confirmed, why this constraint on static exports? What if I don’t want them in my urls?