Ng build stuck at "Generating ES5 bundles for differential loading"

In advance pardon my english <3

I have a server with a shell executor (hosted with that runs docker-compose build in order to build my angular application. When the runner is done compiling the libraries (just before the “Generating ES5 bundles for differential loading…” message), the runner freezes. Of course, everything works perfectly on my machine.

This is what should happen (screenshot from my machine when i run docker-compose build) :

And this is what happens on the runner :

When the runner freezes, my whole server gets stuck as well. I can’t ping or ssh until I reboot the server completely from the Azure’s dashboard, it’s very long. :’(

Here is an extract of the .gitlab-ci.yml :

  stage: build
    - server
    - client_mobile
    - client_web
  - shell_executor
  allow_failure: false
    - echo $ACCESS_TOKEN | docker login --username xxxxxx --password-stdin
    - docker-compose -f docker-compose/build.$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH.docker-compose.yml build
    - docker push$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH

angular version : 9.1.12
docker-compose version : 1.27.4

gitlab-runner --version gives me :

Version:      13.5.0
Git revision: ece86343
Git branch:   13-5-stable
GO version:   go1.13.8
Built:        2020-10-20T12:05:22+0000
OS/Arch:      linux/amd64

Here is the complete job’s logs : 6qS1LtS7K%2FFZZvUj5AvbKrP2cB%2B0RQtwskkjDysbEF%2BZLcpammokkXPrqhlA UfhfMUUwfq1QkcVJ1De%2FCZoM286NbEcocbj%2BuK8JtMaLInd5qowud0rDdCm6 kiLE3yq6qJdpTcI41her%2BGg5ajuqsjVZ1iX9rkG05VP5gezYkPxptTqWMvkr r7tsdkfFaLQqBbs8F9gPGzEtSLHKHCKwD8%2F8n8zVLjSdxi4qU%2F%2BxZk1L4F14 YSrW04aInMMFliBc4ALjhTFDduUA3Wc2wsipGJ8ERg%3D%3D&Expires=1605710638

Does someone have an idea of how I could solve this issue ? :slight_smile:

All right, I have found the origin of this issue : My server is not strong enough for Angular :muscle: (did I mention it was a vps ? :o )

If someone has the same issue, here are the specs of my server :
Standard B2s offer from Azure :
Ubuntu 18.04
4 Gib of RAM
2 virtual proc

If you have the same specs or worse, you should consider upgrading your server specs.