Nginx original and GitLab Nginx

GitLab stores Nginx-related log files under the /var/log/gitlab/nginx/ directory. Are the Nginx log files pattern in GitLab the same as the original Nginx?

Thank you.


What I did was look at my Gitlab Nginx logs, and then look at my Nginx webserver, and the logs look the same. I don’t see why the Nginx logs in Gitlab would differ from any other Nginx installation to be honest.

You could have done this yourself though by installing nginx on a server, then send some traffic to it by visiting that server, and then check/compare the logs. Takes literally no more than a minute or two.


Thank you so much for your reply.
I mean the error.log file. Is this file similar?

The log format for Nginx access logs is documented here: Log system | GitLab

You can also see how the Nginx service is integrated into the Omnibus package in files/gitlab-cookbooks/nginx · master · / omnibus-gitlab · GitLab