No commit message from Visual Studio Code on project overview


I have a problem with this:

I can’t see the commit messages on the project overview. It happens only from Visual Studio Code. Everything is OK with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. I see all commit messages on Repository - Commits, even from Visual Studio Code:

Any ideas?

Are you sure that your isolated your issue correctly? I mean… as far as I am aware VSCode just uses git, plain old git and no other fancy stuff, hence if the issue occurs with VSCode, it would be expected for it to occur also when using Git (bash?).

I suspect that the use of VSCode is unrelated to this issue; you should really re-check; possibly also test this scenario on another machine.

Another thingy; you issue seems quite similar to this one: Repository page "Last commit" and "Last update" columns are grey loading bars

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Thanks for reply. Yes, I have this problem only with VSCode. In the same time I did commit from Eclipse and everything is OK.

And second YES :slight_smile: This issue is similar to

I am following this topic.

OK. I’m stupid. There is a problem, but not with VSCode. You have right. Everything is in this topic:

Good. Please mark my reply as the solution, or just close this thread so other won’t be replying to it