NoMethodError (undefined method `theme_id=' for #<User id: @>):

Hi there! I just got my gitlab install on Ubuntu 14.04 upgraded to 10.6.0-ce.0, I think from 9.5.3. I’m now seeing a similar error to - however, the solution therein isn’t fixing the problem.

Some additional information:

  1. sudo gitlab-rake db:migrate:status comes up clean (all “up”)
  2. sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check comes up clean (no errors or warnings)
  3. I’ve tried setting gitlab_rails['gitlab_default_theme'] = 1 in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and reconfiguring (going by the “theme_id” part of the error)
  4. I’ve tried manually setting theme_id to 1 for all existing users in the DB and restarting
  5. I’ve tried going nuclear and apt get install --reinstall gitlab-ce, then running all my checks again.

Any advice or clues would be much appreciated!