Not able to login into 422


my github profile is when I try to use my github account to login ( , I am getting 422 error page with message in the URL “email is already taken” (

The email address belong to me so I have tried forgot password as well as resend the confirmation email but I have not received any email yet.

I have checked my spam folder but no email so far.


As you can see in the error message itself it says the email has already been taken.

Please consider using forget my password link.

I have tried that already, please read my post, not receiving any email to reset password.

Could you please help us with your email address so I can check?

Hi, I am also facing the same issue.

If you’re having an account issue on, you can contact the team via the Support portal, just please make sure to use the form and include your account details.

This is insane. I have the same problem.

Can access with other machines in the same network, but a brand new windows 10 install with a fresh install of firefox get’s me denied with 422 and no other explanation.