Not getting password recovery mail

On the surface my problem is really simple. I cannot access my gitlab account (wrong password, or something else, not sure), and I cannot get an email to recover my password.

First, to keep everything clear, I had to create a new user account in order to write on this forum. So, this isn’t the account I need help with.

I signed up with GitLab on October 15 2017 (one month ago). Currently the only trace I have is a confirmation email.

I then migrated a project to gitlab. As far as I remember I then used git normally, pushing several commits, probably over several days in the latter half of October. So there is data in this account that I care about (an onsite backup turned out to be corrupted).

I lost access to my account after I re-installed the computer I was using. Yes, I could have duplicated my key-chain etc… but I hope whoever is reading this will appreciate that I’m trying to solve a problem, not reminiscing.

Having a confirmation email in hand, it seems to me that this proves that I registered with a specific email address (which I can easily access!) but the problem is, trying to get a password change request to that email address… nothing. I could confirm (with a test account) that services are up and running so I am somewhat confused by this, and don’t know how to take this forward. Since GitLab do not appear to provide a support email / case based paid support to investigate this; well, I’m even more confused.

Thanks for help.