Not receiving any notification emails anymore since 26 october

Since 26 of october i’m not receiving any notifcation emails from gitlab. Notification level is set to ‘watch’ for almost every project and was working correctly. I used to receive emails when pipelines were successful and when MR’s were created etc. All of a sudden this stopped. Colleagues of mine with same email domain do receive these notifications, so I don’t think it’s related to the spam filter. I would like to again receive those notifications because they were helpfull :slight_smile:

Examples of MR’s I would normally receive notifications for:

Thanks in advance!



I have the same issue here. Last notification received the 12 November. I checked my Outlook rules, disabled everything related to gitlab mails, checked the blocked addresses and personal trash folder. I tried to add another email address but I don’t seem to receive the confirmation mails for that address either.

I tried to change my notification settings to watch, to manually set the settings for each projects and groups, but nothing fixed it.

I also appear to be the only one affected in my company, so I assumed it’s on my end, but I can’t find anything to relieve my pain so far.

We use Gitlab CE 13.3.7 on a local CentOS server.

same problem here, I also stopped receiving gitlab email notifications on November 12th exactly, is someone aware of the problem? Gitlab communicated something?


Same problem here ! Has anyone found a solution ?

Not yet…, still doesn’t work

Same problem for me.

I have the same problem. This is annoying as you miss a lot of notifications.

I created a new alias for my e-mailaddress and delivers there the notifications, but still not on my main e-mailaddress.