Not receiving external API call result

Dear Gitlab community,

It’s my first issue with Gitlab product and if some information is missing or I used wrong tags let me know.

I have a small Node JS application for calling external service API and get results (service: GhostInspector). This app is dockerized and used in a Job as an image to perform E2E test on a pipeline.

The problem is and I don’t have any clue why, if API call needs more than approximately 5 minutes to respond ( you run suites on GhostInspector and they take few minutes to finish ) then Gitlab runner never receives the result and continues running until facing 1-hour timeout. When I am running image locally then it receives the result so that’s why I assume it’s Gitlab runner’s problem.

Please let me know if you had a similar issue or if not any clues what may be causing this behavior would be very helpful because I don’t know in which direction to dig.