Notifications from projects in organization that I've unsubscribed

Hi! I recently entered a pre-existing organisation with many projects in I’m only responsible for a small subset of the projects in the organisation, so I’ve set the default notification policy for the organisation and sub-groups to be “On Mention” and explicitly set the relevant projects to use “Watch”. This way, I’m hoping to only receive notifications from the projects I’m involved in and, on occasion, from projects that request my assistance.

However, I still receive many notification emails from many of the projects that use the “On Mention” rule even though I’m not mentioned anywhere near the project. These are typically coming from GitLab pipeline results and sometimes Merge Requests. Even setting notifications to be disabled for the organisation does not help. The amount of notifications overwhelms my inbox, so I’ve ended up routing all notifications to trash directly thus making them entirely unusable.

Any ideas on how I could only receive notifications from the projects I’m involved in?