NuGet feed only returns 300 versions

We use the package registry nuget feed as a source of packages for local dev and CI. When code that supports those packages changes, we build a new one and publish it to the registry.

After doing this for some time, we now have builds failing because an older version of a package that some apps rely on can no longer be found in the nuget feed. We discovered this in the documentation:

When asking for versions of a given NuGet package name, the GitLab Package Registry returns a maximum of 300 most recent versions.

Which matches the error we get in our builds:

#13 4.805 /src/src/MyApp/MyApp.csproj : error NU1102: - Found 300 version(s) in gitlab-nuget-feed [ Nearest version: 1.0.0-my-pr.1717 ]

dotnet restore is failing because it can’t find the required version of the package in the nuget feed, even though we can see it in the UI and can download it manually.

We expect to be able to restore any version of a package, as we don’t have any retention policies set. We’re using Gitlab hosted.

Has anyone else hit this issue? I can’t find much other information on it in the forum.