[Off Topic] Question about Git/GitLab

We’re in the midst of switching from SVN to Git, and I’m having trouble. I’ve set up our test environment so that we can record any personalizations or changes that are required, but one major issue I’m having is receiving email notifications when someone pushes to the server. I’ve tried everything I’ve found online, including forums, gitlab documentation, and other resources, but I can’t seem to get anything to work.
Most material indicates that I need to set up the post-receive-email hook within the.git/hooks directory in our “current” environment, which is Git 1.9.0 and GitLab 6.7 on Ubuntu 12.04. That hook wasn’t in there at first, but I discovered it in the GitLab app directory. I copied it over, tweaked it to match our needs, and it hasn’t worked a single time.

Telnet tests to my SMTP server from this computer are successful.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude!

First of all: It will be a hell to upgrade a GitLab that old running on a Linux distribution that old. You should consider installing a newer GitLab (the newest is 14.2.) on a distribution that is newer (Ubuntu 12.04 has been out of support for more than 4 years). Consider doing that before switching from SVN - even though that means staying on SVN for a bit longer it will probably be less pain in the long run.
On to your question…

What file did you copy? Where did you copy it to? What is the command you use to send an e-mail? Have you tested it outside that script? Have you done anything to check if it is actually executed?