Old merge requests reopened after migration

I had to rebuild our gitlab server to get SSH access back - EC2 instance was shut down and EBS volume, where /var/opt/gitlab is mounted, was remounted on new a EC2 and and omnibus package was reinstalled. All seems well with repos etc - except for that previously closed merge requests are showing as open now. They can be manually closed (in many cases original branch no longer exists) but there will be many hundreds across multiple repos. Rake gitlab-check is all green. Any advice on what might have happened here - and of the best way to identify and close these reopened merge requests automatically?


this sounds like a backup restore gone wrong. Is there a pattern with MRs being open but merged you can filter out?

In any case, I would recommend to query the REST API and automate as much as possible in a script to keep manual actions low.

Oh, and which GitLab version is involved here? Check the /help page on your host.