"Old" project missing CI options

I’ve just started setting up GitLab CI. After following through some of the documentation looking for the Secret Variables, I discovered that my old projects don’t have many of the CI/CD options that a brand new project has.

Is there a way to “upgrade” these projects to whatever a new project looks like? Or some other option?

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I am having the same problem, hope that someone helps us with this.

I just found this:
Open project settings and enable Builds to enable CI/CD for your old repository.:slight_smile:

Yep! That was it. For anyone else looking at this answer, it’s in the “Feature Visibility” section of Edit Project. Builds is a sub-category below Repository. For my “old” repository, Builds was set to Disabled. I changed it to Only team members and the CI features lit up.

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This should be marked as the answer - THANK YOU! I spent AGES looking for this!